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Thor Duct Fireduct Manufactured by Ventilation & Maintenance Solutions (V&MS) – a recognised Lindab Thor Duct ® Fire Ductwork Licensed Manufacturer. 

This allows Fireduct fire rated ducting we manufacture to meet BS476 Part 24.  This is suitable and rated for smoke extract, kitchen extract, and smoke pressurisation and meets BS 9999 requirements method 3 fire-resisting ductwork.

VMS has extensive knowledge and experience in fabricating fireduct dating back over 20 years.

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Thor Duct ® Fire Ductwork helps maintain pressurisation systems and ensures compartmentation. The integrity of the duct and its ability to function must be maintained in the event of a fire.  This is a non-coated system, suitable for installation in multi-compartment, single compartment, stud wall, solid wall, and aerated concrete floors. 

4 Hour Fire Rated Ductwork designed to cater for the various fire safety requirements within the building industry today.

Thor Duct ® Fire Ductwork is delivered ready for a fast installation and is a robust product that doesn’t chip, as it is not a coated product, and as such is an ideal product for building site conditions. Multiple insulation options are available.  Installers receive clear and concise installation instructions from VMS to ensure the Thor Duct Fireduct is installed correctly.  VMS will inspect the installation upon completion and verify it complies with independent standards prior to issuing Certification for the installation.   

Part of the Warrington “Certifier” Quality System
VMS Thor Duct Fire Rated Ductwork Sample Inspection Label
VMS Thor Duct Fire Rated Ductwork Sample Inspection Label
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Tested to BS 476 Part 24

The Lindab Thor Duct Fireduct produced by V & MS Ltd is tested to BS476 part 24.

Fire protection of steel ductwork is important to stop the spread of fire through building services, which if breached can allow the fire to spread rapidly throughout the building.  Fireduct Systems manufactured by VMS provide fire protection to ductwork.

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Please make contact in the first instance with the VMS Fireduct Team at with full details of your requirements.

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Fireduct fire rated ductwork improves the safe operation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems by minimising the chance of fire spread. Effective fire resilient insulation acts as a barrier between ducts, to slow down or prevent the passage of flames and smoke around the building.

Ventilation systems with the requirement for fire protection NEED to be constructed and installed to a high standard and not deviated from the tested method.  It is vitally important to follow both the manufacturing guide as well as the VMS Fireduct Installation Guide provided by the Technical Team at V & MS Ltd.

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