Spiral Tube

Spiral Ducting Tube

The ducts can be produced both with and without click function (notches).
Please specify when ordering.


We can supply ducts with the following special designs:

• In intermediate dimensions
• Extra tight, with nitrile rubber seal in the fold
• In other sheet metal thicknesses


Extra tight, with fold seal
When extremely good sealing is required in the spiral fold, the ducts can also be supplied with a special rubber seal in the fold.   This seal is very effective at stopping leakage of vegetable oils and greases, and most petroleum products including white spirit.

Other sheet metal thicknesses
If extra stability is needed in ducts, because of high negative  pressure etc., they can be supplied with thicker sheet metal than standard. Remember that the thickness increase always reduces the inner diameter. Fittings for such special ducts must be specified separately and sometimes have to be made specially.

Reinforcement corrugations
Ducts of Ø250 mm and above are normally given stiffening corrugations to increase radial stiffness.


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