VMS Product Gallery

This page shows a range of products that have been manufactured by our team to demonstrate our capabilities.

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  • straight-spigot
  • Square to Round
  • 4 Pallets of ducting
  • Plenum Grille Boxes
  • palleted grille boxes
  • Photo of Roof Cowl and Mesh Ends
  • Photo of Plenum Boxes
  • Lorry Load of Rectangular Duct
  • Pictures of 1800ø Bends Being Loaded
  • Photo of 900 dia Bends and Reducer
  • Forklift with large duct
  • Large duct on trailer
  • Large Stainless Steel Bend
  • lorry loaded with stainless steel fully welded pipes
  • Welder in action on rotator
  • Welder in action on rotator
  • Loading large fully welded pipes onto lorry
  • Welded Pipes with Branches
  • Welder in action
  • Galvanised pipes for welding
  • Welded and awaiting welds painting
  • fully welded bends ready for shipping
  • galvanised pipework and bends tacked ready for welding
  • galvanised pipework with branches
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